Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DIY Silhouette Back-to-School Photo Props AND a Silhouette Gift Basket Giveaway!

I LOVE my Silhouette machines! (Yes, plural! lol) I use them for so many things on a daily (YES, daily!!!) basis. Today I wanted to share some of the "Back to School" photo props I made to do some photo shoots with this fall. (Photographing, another passion of mine! Just love it!!!) And my SIL makes it even more fun to create the set up!

Yesterday I showed you the cute mirror I used in one of them with my daughter in front of some lockers. So fun! (Although it made her look way too old IMO.) sniff sniff

Here are a few other ways I used my SIL to make some photo props for this Back-to-School mini session.

Another locker shot. This time I cut out the words to use on the chalkboard with my SIL. I actually just put them on black paper and pop the paper in and out of that little chalkboard frame depending on which child I am photographing.

LOVED this fun set up next! We had too much fun with it! I used my SIL to do the same with the large "Back to School" sign, but placed it on a black posterboard this time, and wala! It looks like chalkboard!

And then there is the growth chart! Always a fun one to use on any milestone event! Perfect!

 There you have it! Some of my favorite ways I've used my SIL machines. But wait!!!! There's more today!!!

I'm excited to be part of a large group of bloggers that LOVE our Silhouette machines!!! So a bunch of us (19!) all teamed up and are helping host a HUGE Silhouette GIVEAWAY that you don't want to miss!!

PLUS they all have A.MAZING blogs that you'll want to check out!

Image Map
Image Map

The GIVEAWAY is for a basket of over $200 Silhouette items! Melissa from The Silhouette School is a genius for putting this all together and knows exactly the best things to get!! And they have come out with so many new amazing things lately, there is something for the beginner and for the novice! There will be ONE grand prize winner and the giveaway goes from today, Wednesday, August 20 at 7 am EST - Monday, August 25  at 11:59 PM EST

So...don't wait! You know you want this!!

Check out how to enter through Rafflecopter and to see more details here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 18, 2014


It seems it's been hit or miss on the blog lately. Back-to-school is always a crazy time, but hoping my posts become more regular again soon. (BTW if you follow me on FB and Instagram, I post even more often there.) 

Excited to get to show you so many things I have been doing lately though!

I have wanted to put this on a mirror in my girls room for awhile now, but after making that last hand mirror, thought I would like it better on this again! And I love it!

Love seeing my girls use it! I love seeing them look into this hand mirror and then see the phrase in the large bathroom mirror too! Every girl needs this! :)

(It also worked great as a back-to-school photo prop!)

Wouldn't it great for prom or senior pics too! OR little girls dressing up?!! So many fun ways to used it other than just everyday!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Cast Vinyl is a Bear sometimes...

Some projects are a bear! Some you cut out several times and your machine messes them all up! Ugh. But when they are finally done, maybe they are even better than if they were easy to do! ;)

This was one of those. Looks simple enough...just words...but it's all about time too, isn't it? Finding the right font that is requested, spacing, design, cutting, cutting again, and again and even AGAIN! Then comes the application. Those don't always work out the same either. For not apparent reason either...but in the end, accomplishment and completion of a project feels sooooo good!

Photo: Complete and ready to be picked up.  Phew! (Cast vinyl can be a pain to work with and honestly making this sign was a bear in more ways than one.)

For this, I used cast vinyl; a vinyl that is more heat resistant (great going through the dishwasher even time after time or on vehicles out in the sun and weather constantly...). is tackier/stickier and stretches more easily...too easily often, thus harder to cut and much hardier and long(er)-lasting.

Yeah for it being done and now I feel proud of it too! :) (Now, don't TOUCH it kids!!!)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Orange you glad it's Summer?

After making these cute teacher end-of-the year gifts this past spring...

I got this "scathingly, brilliant IDEA!" (What movie?!!) :)

I have wanted to try the bleach design idea on t-shirts for a year or two now and have never done it, but decided this was the perfect project for it! And boy, was I right!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these fun tshirts turned out for my kids and for our family's summer vacation this year!!

I got this one done before we left...

And took the others and crafted at the cabin. lol Yep! I take my crafts EVERYWHERE! HAHA

I seriously loved having them when we were floating the river. I just looked for orange to see where my kids were. :)

My older son's face did not look near as excited about them as mine though...and I hate to make a shirt that he won't wear again, so I adjusted his somewhat. lol And it was too fun and gave us more ideas to do more! :) Win! Win!

For those of you who want to know HOW to make these. I actually did not make my own tutorial this time, but am linking to the one that I found online that helped me the most. (I actually read a few before starting, just to see other people's experiences and how they turned out, and this tutorial here was PERFECT!) So a shout out to Rosey Corner Creations and a huge thanks!!! (Although I just cut my vinyl and used it as a stencil.)

After letting the bleach designs dry, I took my HeatTransferVinyl (that I cut out the words with) and ironed it over the design. So fast and easy and they look great!

So, there you have it! So easy and so fun! You've got to try it!

Drumroll...And the Winner is...


I picked two random winners from those who entered our Christmas in July Give-away!

Winners are:
Jessie Wynn Cook
Patty Phillips!!!

Message me with your address and you'll have this beautiful nativity in vinyl in the mail to you!
Thanks everyone!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flash Christmas in July Giveaway-today only!

Who's up for a flash Christmas in July Give-away???

Share on some form of social media, like or follow us on FB, here or Pinterest, and comment to let me know you did the above and tell me your fav Christmas gift you have ever received and you're entered!

Ends at midnight tonight!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Welcome...only to NICE people! lol

1-I can't believe it has been this long since I posted! Man! Summer has kept me spinning!
2-I love word art! It cracks me up, inspires me, motivates me, touches me!

So, of course I love fun things for people to see first as they come to my door. This one is my newest love!

AND I just put it up in my etsy shop here:

Hope you like! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY Temple Block set KIT now available!

I have had so many requests for this, that I have listed a DIY kit to make it in my etsy shop for a limited time. So now's your chance to get your hands on it. Great gift for anyone from toddlers to adults! We love it at our house. In fact, I recently used four sets together, to build a large temple with the kids in our church primary this past month with a lesson. So fun!

To get the kit and see the details, you can find it available through July (or possibly August) in my etsy shop here:

AND...BTW (The Angel Moroni that comes with the kit is also a little different than the one shown in the pic bc that one was not for sale by the designer. The new one that you will receive is still an obvious Angel Moroni though. I will be updating this picture with the accurate one soon.)

Thanks again for all the love!

THe Fine Print:
This is my design and creation. Please do not infringe on my rights by copying and selling this item or parts of this as your own.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Best Banana Ice Cream EVER!

I don't know about you, but at my house, ice cream is a favorite! So I was excited to figure out how easy and nutritious this banana ice cream is! All you need is bananas and a tad of almond milk (or any other milk you prefer).

I started out cutting some ripe bananas into chunks and freezing them.

Then I threw them in my Ninja. (Any food processor or blender should also work. I also included in this pic some of our other options we added...PB powder and even threw in some chocolate chips for one of my kids.)

I mixed the bananas for just a bit...a minute maybe? and they looked like this:

 I mixed them another 30 seconds and added about 1-2 Tablespoons of almond milk and mixed another 30 seconds to a minute. And wala! There you have it! That's all you need! It then was thick and creamy and looked like this:

Even when I held it up upside down, it didn't fall out. You can see how thick it was!

Someone was happy at our house! :)


It's a great summer snack and so easy and even good for you! Give it a try!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Patriotic Yard Art

I have a special place in my heart for all military members and their families, after having had my husband (and therefor our kids and our family too bc it affects everyone!) serve for years including deployments and activations. So this year for some patriotic decor, I wanted to include something symbolizing what they all do for all of us and our country and why. Came up with this. Fun little metal sign in my yard now. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ORANGE you glad it's summer gift


This is what we gave most of our kids' teachers as an end of the year gift this week. Doesn't it just scream summer?! :) We filled the bottom with citrus drink packets, monogrammed each cup and for the male teachers, gave a bag of orange yogurt dipped pretzels and a large juicy orange with the same tag. So much fun!!! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Personal handwriting" Jewelry; an ETSY find and share

Just had to share another etsy find with you today. I cannot LOVE this idea more!!! emilyjdesing on Etsy makes jewelry with your loved ones actual handwriting! What a great gift!!! (even if it's for you!!) I can think of no mother that wouldn't love to have a sweet child's handwriting saved, or vice versa. We all know our parents handwriting and what a perfect way to have a close reminder of them! And a perfect wedding gift too! Or to a friend you are moving away from. Seriously, who wouldn't want one of these?! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Personalized Jewelry  - ACTUAL Handwriting Jewelry -  Memorial Jewelry - Bridesmaid Gift

You can find her shop here. Go check it out!

Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm going there someday...Temple Hand Mirror

If you didn't already know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormons. (I have a link to our church's website on my side bar if you want to check it out. OR if you want to know about our church and it's temples, you can go here or here.)

Well, one thing that is important to us is our temples. They are a sacred place that we go to make covenants with our Father in Heaven. It's where many of us are married in this faith. It's a beautiful, peaceful place that we look forward to going to as a child in our church. It is the Lord's house.

So I thought this would be perfect for my little girls (and my boys...just maybe not pink) lol And I was right! They love looking in the mirror and seeing themselves "in the temple". LOVE! 

 LOVED seeing their faces as they each looked in it the first time! 

And now I am thinking they each need their own personal one and it would make a GREAT activity for the 8-11 year girls group I help with at church. OR even the older youth group! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!