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Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay-(how many posts do I begin with that word? haha) Anyway-we had our stamp club night tonight. Last month we did the mailboxes, the calendar I am showing here, and another card where we learned the embossing/bleach technique. (I really liked the card and I can't find it now!!! Grrrr...)

Tonight we did three projects as well and I loved all three! I learned two new techniques-the cracked glass (don't know what it is called?) technique shown on the first card below here. The 2nd one is where you sponge inside a template you make...what's this one called Misty?

(You can click on any of the pics to see them up closer and larger.)

and then for the third project, we made these CUTE CUTE froggie smores jars and recipe cards. (Don't they looks so funny staring at you through the jars-like help me! Free the frogs! LOL You can also alter them to any kind of smores-easter ones with chicks or bunnies and they even have cow mm you can use. We were laughing saying you could call them cow-patty smores.

It was a small group tonight, but lots of fun! Thanks Sarah and Susan (and Jerry for helping with the kids.) :)


the bergquist family said...

LOVE the froggie jars!!! what all is goes in the jar? i would love to make that!

Bennett Fam said...

Those are so cute! I'm sad I missed the fun and cute projects. Hopefully next month.

rpp said...

I had to ask Sarah exactly what we put in there. lol It is the graham cracker crumbs you buy at the store to make into a pie. On that box-it tells you to add sugar, so she added that to the mixture too. You put 1 cup of that mixture in, then a small layer (however much you want) of choc chips for the frogs to sit on, then line the outside of the jar with the frogs/"peeps", then fill the middle of the frogs and to the top of the jar with the m&m's. Easy peasy, huh? :)

the bergquist family said...

thanks i'm gonna give it a try! is that a quart size jar???

rpp said...

No, it's a smaller one-I don't know what size it would be then-I'll ask Sarah tomorrow and get back with you.

the bergquist family said...

so it's probably a pint then. that makes since, that amounts of filling you said wouldn't fill a quart. thanks robyn, sorry i have so many questions! it's just so cute and i wanna make it too!!! LOL

rpp said...

Okay-yes, it's a pint and don't worry about the questions-I love passing fun ideas on! :)