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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Inspiration Challenge

Okay-I am kinda combining three things here b/c of lack of time to do more. I need to make something to take to a friend I visit for church stuff, so I thought I would combine the inspiration challenge and a sketch and also make something I can use today. So...I stamped a bag to fill with cookies, and made a card to go with it. I used the colors and flowers like in this pic as inspiration. The basket of flowers and drinks in the pic also reminds me of taking something to someone, so that kinda goes along with it too. The card I used the sketch below to bas it off of and made it match the bag as well. Not my most favorite I've ever done and not so sure about the Happy Bday stamp and punch on the card-I like the style of the one on the bag better, BUT...Very quick and simple, but hopefully still cute and whimsical and fun to receive. Happy Stamping! )
Turns out it was my oldest son's teacher's bday and the principal's bday and he wanted to take them something, so I made more bags and cards and filled them with banana chocolate chip cookies and sent them with him to school. I think I might like this one a bit better than the earlier one-although there is not a whole lot of difference-just the ribbons vs. the file tab.

Thanks for finding and sharing this sketch Misty!

Working on this one tonight as well as a couple other sketch challenges I still am behind on. I really like how these challenges have #1-made me actually use my stamps and supplies more and #2 made me start thinking and making such different cards from my norm. By doing the challenges, I am getting so much faster at making and coming up with cards too. If you aren't already, you should try them with me too! :)


Misty said...

I like this one! You are doing so much...I'm jealous...:-)

rpp said...

I miss you stamping with me!!! How are you?