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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jumbo Paperclips-all spruced up!

You can't tell by this picture (I should have put a ruler next to them), but these paper clips are HUGE!!! I found them for around $1 at WalMart and thought it would be fun to put these easy toppers on them that I have seen others do. They are at least 3 inches long!

Thought they would be great bookmarks or something to put with some post-it notes and pens and things for a teacher in a mailbox maybe?...Maybe I will make some matching ones to CJ's teacher's mailbox I did earlier in the week. Ohhhh! Just got an idea! I could make those cute little covers for the post-it note pads too that I have seen on key rings!!!! And make a matching pen...Misty-you need to tell me how to do that one though!

Anyway-sooooooo cute, quick, and easy!

Now...I still haven't started those card challenges, but I have neglected my poor kids for too long already-that will have to wait until after bedtime or tomorrow.