LSC155 Limited supply challenge ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, February 15, 2008

LSC155 Limited supply challenge

(By the way, for those of you who don't know this, most of the challenges come from:

For the challenge this week, we are using CIRCLE STAMPS. If you think you don't own any circle stamps, look more closely -- you may be surprised to find that you do. If you don’t own any circle stamps, consider these or other options: make a circle stamp using extra rubber from trimming your stamps, fun foam, a wine cork, cap from a bottle, pencil eraser, coin, potato, or come up with your own idea.

Stamps: circles + a sentiment (optional)
*** Flowers are not considered circles, but a circle stamp may have flowers or other images on it.
Paper: any colors, No designer paper, no cuttlebug embossing
Ink: any
Punches: round only (includes round dies such as circle nestabilities)
ALL embellishments (including ribbon) must be in circle form (i.e., brads, eyelets, a circle or ring of glitter, etc.).
No limit on layers
The card itself does not have to be a circle. It can be a normal card.


Angela said...

Where did you get the family drawing in the first post? Did you draw it?

rpp said...

Hey Angela,

It's actually a stamp set called "All in the Family". I had to draw the guinea pigs and hermit crabs though. If you want one, I could stamp one for you guys and send it to you-then you could just decorate around it like I did with the paper and colors you want and frame it. Or I could do the paper too-it's not hard and I wouldn't mind-just let me know! :)

Angela said...

That'd be awesome!! If you have time to do the paper too that'd be so great! Thank you so much!!