More challenges: SC121, TLC157, plus ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More challenges: SC121, TLC157, plus

Working on a couple more sketches from last week still. SC121 and another (shown below)-PLUS the technique challenge (TLC157) for this week was to use at least two patterned papers. I used two plus stamped with versamark on the background one as well. The flower is chipboard which I inked-never done that before-I like how it turned out-kinda looks like wood I think. The stamp set is "Always". Anyway, I combined that challenge with the SC121 sketch challenge and came up with "Rustic Pink". :)

I'm also working on another challenge called a limited supply challenge from last week-this one they wanted you to add your signature to it-meaning use your own handwriting on it. I have the cutest idea of the card I want to do and have started it, but it will take some time to do one part of it, so...stay tuned! :) haha

In the meantime, my daughter has a fever...AGAIN. SHe just got over being sick about two weeks ago-and my oldest son was sick in between there, so...not so sure I will get much else done in the next couple of days. We'll see...

Can't seem to get away from these colors today. :) There are two smaller-hard to see-flowers in the upper left corner-thought they added another small, fun touch to the card. I really need to get a ticket punch instead of cutting these uneven ones I do. lol


Misty said...

I like these. Where are you finding all these different sketch challenges? fun, fun!

rpp said...

I think they were all those different ones posted last week on splitcoast-remember me asking you why there were so many? I just thought I would do them all for fun for me.