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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Notebook Altering

Just a quick post...still haven't gotten that card done-working on it today, but I also had to get some projects made for a service auction we are having at church tonight. I have been excited to go for over a week now, but we'll see how my kids are feeling today...anyway-this is just one of several ideas I had to make take there to auction off. I'm not sure if I will take this or some of the other ideas/projects I am working on. It also depends if I end up being able to go...

I think this turned out cute! It's just one of those inexpensive 6x9 size Steno Books. They came in a pack of 3 for like $2.47 or something? It was easy and quick and who couldn't use a little notebook?!! I'd use it! :)

By the way, I am LOVING the texture this stringy yarn stuff gives to everything! :) I might add some paper piercing alon the top and bottom of the light blue as soon as I find my tool for it also.

Have a good day! I'll probably post more later today.