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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Perpetual Cookie Sheet Calendars

I have been excited and ancy to make these cookie sheet calendars that I found on another stampers blog

Anyway-she listed all the specs there- I changed mine a bit from hers and mine still isn't done. It still needs some changes/additions:

1-I can't find some of my tiny alphabet stamps to finish the days of the week at the top and I also messed one up-might have to re-do them again on a strip of paper (green or white?) and glue that over them now...
2-I can't decide between the two styles of letters-What do you think? I need some opinions-I also need some opinions as to which color of numbers-blue or brn? (Leave a comment please and let me know what you think!)
3-I need to drill holes in the top and add some ribbon to hang it from as well as put a decorative flower or something (like Stacey did-see hers)
4-I couldn't find the same size cookie sheets that she used, mine are a tad bigger at 14x16, but they were also on sale for $3.50. Anyway-I need to add something to the sides to take up more space showing-was thinking of just running a ribbon up the sides. I just need to find some matching ribbon-I need to look through mine-chances are, I will have something that will work.

She stamped the holidays and stuff to make it sooooo cute...I am running out of time right now, so I just pulled some clipart off of my computer and printed some cute pics out for them-they still look cute I think.

I like that you can personalize these as much as you want. The possibilities are endless!

All in all, I am pleased so far with this and it was really inexpensive. I bought the cookie sheet and some magnet sheets, but everything else I had on hand.


Bennett Fam said...

Hey that is a really cute idea. I think ribbon down the sides would be a nice touch.

Misty said...

hey R...this looks great. you are fast. I personally like the blue numbers and teh alphabet in the
2nd picture. how fun. Did it take you long?