SC Inspiration Challenge ~ Create it. Go!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

SC Inspiration Challenge

I haven't ever done one of the inspiration challenges, but for some reason, this one seems more do-able to me this week. Don't know whether it is because of the picture/inspiration or just my frame of mind. Can you believe I was thinking about this and the limited supply challenge in my sleep last night? lol

Anyway-you are to use the bottom right picture to be your inspiration-birch, bark, and birds.

Okay-mine turned out nothing like I had in mind and nothing like I have EVER done before-kinda a weird card I think. I can't decide if I even like it. I'm done playing with it though. I still don't know how it got here. ??? lol At least it has birds and bark in it, although I don't know if it would be considered birch. :)

(The frame is up on dimensionals. Everything else is not, although I did not glue down the birds, anchor, and part of the boat and rope and they are kinda curled up so that they are sticking out some.)

Is the pearl too much? I tried to put it in the boat or in the sand, but...?


SmilynStef said...

That's the joy of an inspiration challenge ... every creative path is the correct path ... I love your framed scene ... great inspired creation.