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Monday, February 11, 2008


Once again, not a whole lot of stampin' going on-but I have been hoarding all kinds of paper forever and I wanted to make a quick card, so...wala!

I love these colors! For some reason I have always liked pink and orange together-ask my sisters-they know. Anyway-I love pinks and greens too. I think these are the colors I would have decorated my room if I could have chosen when I was a girl. Now...I would add a bit of brown in there too probably. :)

Anyway-I like it-it's cheery! and springy.

The 2nd pic is some of the scraps I had made trying to make the first card-then I changed my mind-so I just threw them all together for another card...


the bergquist family said...

wow robyn! i love looking at all your projects! you inspire me to pull out my stuff and get to work on crafty stuff too!