Valentines Gifts ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Gifts

Well, I still haven't had time to do the sketch challenge for this week-tomorrow...I was up LATE last night finishing up the kids gifts for teachers for Valentines and finishing up their valentines for friends. I still have to finish getting the crafts ready for the kids to do at their school party today. What was I thinking making the valentines, the teacher gifts, and offering to do the crafts???!!! Oh well-the kids' valentines are nothing special, but were fun for them to make. The first pic is from B to his friends and the second pic are from C to his friends (They are tile magnets he made himself!). The third and fourth pics are sets for teachers (sorry they are a little blurry-don't know what was up with my cam, but you get the picture...) and we did single magnets for others like the principal too. (the pic above all of this is a gift for C's teacher. I LOVE IT! and want to make more like that!!!


Misty said...

These turned out so cute. The play-do idea is fun! You got tons done. now for the sketch challenge right? :-)