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Sunday, February 24, 2008

WSC36 Get Whale Soon

Here is another of Beate's weekend sketch challenges. I check her blog out almost daily. I love her stuff and she motivates me!!! I have two friends that were sick this weekend and I just got these stamps in and thought I would make them each a card and take them some chicken soup and flowers too. It has taken me all weekend to get it all done though and now they are on the mend. Oh well, I am sure they will still eat. haha Which card do you like best? I am taking a vote. I think I went a little rhinestone crazy too. lol (The colors are a little muted-sorry.)


Bennett Fam said...

I can't decide, I think they are both really cute. Good Job!!

Misty said...

i like the one on the left..but I like photo corners. :-) They look great!

the bergquist family said...

both really cute, but i lean towards the left one. great job!