April 2008 ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I sooooo want to stamp...

...but with my son's baptism later this week, I am having to put it on hold. We are trying to get some projects done around the house and it feels like although we are working on them nonstop, they will never be done!!! Aahhh! :)

I DID get to go to my stamp club night last weekend though and will post the projects we did later. We made the sour cream containers and some cards. One is a monochramatic card-I have never made one of those and I think I should do more. Easy and they look good. :)

Again, I'll post them later! Next week, I AM going to stamp though!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pink, Pink, Pink! And a challenge!!! Finally!

For some reason I am into pinks today...and yesterday. I did the bottom card for a baby shower I am going to tomorrow and the top one for today's challenge at Splitcoast. It was that you had to create your own designer paper...I've been wanting to do a pink and black card for awhile...yeah! (Also, I am always saying that I put things up on dimensionals, but you can never tell from the pics, so this time I took a pic of it from the side so that you can see.)

The stamp "Heaven's gift" is one I found on Clearance at Michael's. It's kinda neat-it is like a metal stamp with a handle that you can turn the handle and it changes the stamp-kinda like those stamps that stamp the date in offices...anyway-but they are made in themes-this one is all baby sayings. Kinda fun!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stinkin' Sweet

WOW!!! Another card!!! I love pinks and oranges together for some reason and always have. I wanted to make a quick card last night, so I pulled out this preprinted cardstock I found for a great price at Sam's and wala! The cute ric-rac matched perfect too! Yeah!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

TX Cards

I have had some vision of some version of this card in my head for weeks now and have not been able to find the time to create it until last night. I am not sure that it is exactly what I was thinking of, but fairly close. It definitely took more time than I typically spend on one card and still could possibly use a little tweaking, but overall I am happy with it.

I used two sets to make it: Flashy Florals and the other I think is called Happy Trails. I borrowed both from my mom. They are both retired and older, but with all the TX bluebonnets out lately, it made me think of putting these two sets together.

Some specs:
I painstakingly (haha) cut around the fence, cactus and used an exacto knife to cut out the inside of the wheel-that's where a lot of time went...The fence is up on dimensionals and then the cactus is up on double dimensionals in front of the fence. The wheel is leaning on the fence and then the other side glued down to the flat part of the card, so it looks like it is leaning for real (well, as real as I can get on paper). I had not intended to put the rope/lasso hanging from the fence and was unsure if it was too much or maybe it was more that I didn't like it there AND across the top, but I didn't have anything else that I could find that looked as good across the top and then when I took the rope back off the fence, it looked naked, so here it is. What do you think? Too much? I had wanted more of the bluebonnets to show too, but I think that there are still enough that you can see. They are, however, monster bluebonnets in proportion to that fence. LOL The clouds I made with sponging over a scalloped circle I punched out-I saw this on splitcoast last week and thought I would try it out. It was easy and turned out pretty good I think.

Anyway...fun! (Don't ask me why I made it square and this size??? Just came out that way for some reason.)

I have another card I have made before with a TX stamp I have-I'm going to make that one next I think, while I have this TX stuff on the brain. :)

Monday, April 7, 2008


I was invited to a bridal shower. It has been a LONG time since I was invited to a bridal shower. I decided to just get some great smelling candles for her from a local store. They put them in this plain white box, so I decided to spruce it up some to match the card I previously posted. I think it turned out pretty fun.

(A fun side note: The store where I bought the candles has some weird names for their candles though-my favorite scent and one of their most popular is "Butt Naked". I debated on getting that one for her b/c of the name, but I love the smell, so I did....I did however decide to NOT add to it "Jungle Love"-afraid too many people would think I was insinuating something there. LOL I got her "Leather and Lace"-a more masculine smell mixed with a feminine scent and then a lavender/vanilla. Hope it was a good mix of scents she/they will like.)

Friday, April 4, 2008


Can you believe I am actually posting?!!! I have had a few friends laugh at the fact that I haven't posted much since my DH has returned home. I think I am getting a little closer to getting into a routine again...I can't even get to my stamp area right now though. Man! The miltary expects you to keep so much stuff!!! No room in our bedroom with all my stuff and then to add his army stuff...I need to give him more room though.

Anyway...thanks to a church activity and to Anne for her supplies-I got to stamp last night!!! I had a hard time getting started though-stamper's block-came from not stamping in so long. :) I actually started making this card using some of her printed paper as inspiration, but then it turned into something different. At least it got me started though. :) I think I might want to get this set now too. I liked it!

I'm hoping to get some of the challenges in this weekend. We'll see...