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Friday, April 4, 2008


Can you believe I am actually posting?!!! I have had a few friends laugh at the fact that I haven't posted much since my DH has returned home. I think I am getting a little closer to getting into a routine again...I can't even get to my stamp area right now though. Man! The miltary expects you to keep so much stuff!!! No room in our bedroom with all my stuff and then to add his army stuff...I need to give him more room though.

Anyway...thanks to a church activity and to Anne for her supplies-I got to stamp last night!!! I had a hard time getting started though-stamper's block-came from not stamping in so long. :) I actually started making this card using some of her printed paper as inspiration, but then it turned into something different. At least it got me started though. :) I think I might want to get this set now too. I liked it!

I'm hoping to get some of the challenges in this weekend. We'll see...