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Monday, May 5, 2008

My 1st Technique Lovers Challenge!!!

Okay...I am soooooo excited to show you the new card I made today. I did the Technique Lover's Challenge today on splitcoast ( was to make a diorama card. (TLC 167) They have a tutorial there ( that thankfully takes you step by step through it too.

Honestly, I don't do the challenges that are more work or unknown to me half the time, because frankly, I just don't have the time or energy the majority of the time. (Obviously, since I haven't done a challenge in how long?) Anyway, this typically rules out the new technique challenges. I have never done one before until...TODAY!!! I decided to try this one. And I LOVE the way it turned out!

As soon as I saw what they were challenging us to do, and I decided I was going to do it, I knew exactly what stamp I wanted to use. It's one I have had for at least a couple of years I am guessing, but I have never used it. (I don't have many of these and I have even less since I started doing the challenges. :) Yeah! Awhile ago, I decided-why do I have this stuff if I am not going to use it more??!! So, I have tried. ) Anyway-I had a bit harder time coming up with the background stamps, b/c I recently loaned all my patriotic stamps to my sister. (The pledge of allegiance would go great too I think on the front.) BUT THEN...I remembered a wheel I had with stars and figured an old set I had of holidays HAD to have something else I could use, and YES!!!! It did! :)

Okay-back to the card!!! Here it is...TA DA!!! (Can you tell I am proud of myself and that I really really like the outcome?!) :)

I am thinking of adding another "page" to the back of it too, so that it really can open at the back like a card-that or else I guess you just write on the back. I did see one other stamper add another insert to write on. WOW! I'm not there yet. :) What is great about it too, though, is that you can still lay it flat to mail it to someone!!! And what a neat card to get in the mail???!!!

It was fun though and again, I love it! love it! Love it! (I'm already thinking I might make another tonight!!! :)


Anne said...

Oh! Thats an interesting technique! Thanks for sharing! Love it!