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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vote on a card and win some blog candy

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had been making lots of thank you cards. My oldest son was baptized into our church a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to make thank you's for everyone that made it a special day for him. So, I started making them...I would get one done and think that it took too long to make 20 of that one, so I would make another and think, no, I don't like that one as much...and on and on. So, I have several now and am just curious, which one is your favorite? So, help me out and vote on the following cards for me. In return, I have some blog candy to give away. This is my first time for this, but I thought it would be fun. Scroll through the cards shown and there will be more details at the bottom of the post about the blog candy. Above: Tried to do some of the faux tearing look-but I don't have a brayer, so I sponged it.Below: a variation of the above one

Above: Not sure if the actual stamp matches the style of the rest of the card? What do you think?

Okay-now for the blog I said I have never done this and don't sell this stuff or anything-so it's nothing huge-but I thought it would be fun to get this kinda stuff myself randomly, so I thought I would give some away too. )

I have two small acrylic stamps (which are from Joann's and I cannot vouch for the quality-I bought them awhile ago and have never used them...) and some card/page candy for you as well. (small quick decor to add to the fronts of your cards or scrapbook pages). I will have my kids pick a random number out of those that post a comment and vote on these cards and that number will be the winner. If you have already replied previously on my blog, making you a fairly regular visitor of mine, you will be able to choose which picture of "candy" you want. If this is your first time commenting on my blog, you are still eligible for the drawing, but will not get the choice of which picture of candy you win. Thanks for playing along!!!

Card Candy #1 (not shown in the pic: I will also add to this group a sm page of dimensionals just like the ones shown in the second picture.) Also, for perspective, those paper clips are 3 1/2 inches long.

Card Candy #2:


The Bergquist Family said...

so they are all gorgeous cards, but my favorite is number 5 memories.

Anne said...

Hi! I'm new to blog world... Your creations are AWESOME! #3 is my fav but love the last one too, I think your designs are really great! Love your blog!!!!

Bunny B said...

Lovely cards, but I'm more biased towards colorful ones! So I vote for #3. I love the last one too, but I'm not too keen on the colors. But it's really nice! :)
(Looks like my picks are the same with anne's)

Jackie said...

I am new to your blog and I like them all but my favorite is the Blessings with the scalloped edge and stripes. I am just partial to scallops, I guess :-)

CountessLaurie said...

They are all beautiful, but I think I like the Blessings variant without the blue strip the best. I can see where that would take a long time wiht all those flowers! Good luck!!!

Marie Cramp said...

I really like the black and white with the scrolled background stamping. It is super cute. I hope I am not too late for a chance to win some blog candy...


(hope you check out my blog too)

Marie Cramp said...

chicmamaHello Robyn,
I just wanted to come back and answer your question. The paper is from Close to my Heart and the Reflections book has changed just recently. It is really beautiful with all new layout pictures and it is bound like a bokk not in a binder like it used to be. I really love it. It is very inspiring. You can check out my link to look at it (front cover) and see the paper (silhouette).
Hope that helps.]