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Monday, June 23, 2008

A few friends and I got together this week to make some hairbows for our little girls. I hate paying as much as they cost, when my daughter then loses them half the time. So, I got a box of 100 clips at Sally's Beauty Supply (for 4.99) and we all brought ribbon. (This way we could make soooo many more for soooo much less money-always a good thing, right?) Unfortunately, while they were here, we didn't get too many made (between the kids and lunch and just getting used to making them). Afterward though, I kept working on them through the afternoon and now I have lots more! I think they turned out pretty cute. What do you think? My daughter likes the zebra one, but I am not sure yet what she will wear it with?!! :)

Update: Her first pick everyday since has been the white polka-dotted one now. Surprised me! Didn't figure the white would be her fav... :)


The Bergquist Family said...

cute, i love making bows for my addy too! and yes i have some that don't match anything she owns, but i really liked the ribbon :)
do you have a bow holder??? if not let me know, i'll send you pics and directions for making a real cute one to hang in the bathroom or wherever.

Anne said...

I love your bows!
I think that any way to save money is COOL!
Keep on showing your craft skills, love it!