Birthday Pearls ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Pearls

This was another color challenge, although it was from the week before last on splitcoast. It was CC175 Amost Wild Saffron. It was a very strange color combination for me to put together-did I pull it off? Not so sure about the placement of the pearls still either????? Thoughts?

(It's kinda hard to see the heart on the almost amethyst-it's embossed in white on there.)


The Bergquist Family said...

wow, you are on a roll! youv'e made alot of cards lately! i think you "pulled" it off, it looks nice to me! i must say my favorite this week is the rocket ship one, very fun!

rpp said...

L, You're so sweet to always comment and play along with me with my ramblings. :) Thanks! I love reading the comments that people leave and look far too often for them. :) My fav lately is still the rocket as well. Also, I haven't been able to successfully get that cake box apart, but will see my friend tomorrow that made it and I can ask her to trace the template. Sorry I am so slow.