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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Sheet Wonders (OSW)

One Sheet Wonders are where you take one sheet of 12x12 designer paper and cut it and use it to make 12-or is it 14? different cards. (along with other solid colored cardstock). They are typically designed fairly simply and are fast to put together. We made them at a past club mtg. I think they turned out cute and would look so cute all together wrapped with ribbon to give to someone as a cute little set of all occasion cards.

Since this was through a club mtg, we each only used half of the 12x12, so we made 7 cards each, I also added small embellishments to mine at home-like the pearls...

Here is the diagram of how you would cut the 12x12 designer paper: And then, here are the cards pictured individually of how they came out. Minimal stamping,s o fast and easy! AND they are also great when you don't have a lot of stamps to use as focal points. Another suggestion that our stamo demonstrator (S) had, was to leave them blank (of stamps) and then you can just pull them out and stamp them real quick for whatever occasion you want when you need a quick card. :)

Thanks again S!