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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great new website-Vanilla Joy!

A friend of mine showed me this great new website that has a wealth of information on it! It's called Vanilla Joy and is found at this web address:

(Or you can just click on the highlighted words "Vanilla Joy" above)

You should definitely check it out! They are doing all sorts of giveaways this week, (including a cricut!!!! and tons more stuff each day!!!) but more than that, I love how this woman started this site! I have already bookmarked it for myself.

The blog creator is a mother and crafter and started this site for other mothers and their families and interests. So, you can find things about motherhood, stuff for the kids like kids face painting, crafts, , creative date ideas, and more family fun. She even has a post about discipline for children! Who doesn't like getting more help and other people's ideas and takes on that?

Anyway-this is definitely the week to check out this site with all the giveaways! Have fun!