More than one pic ~ Create it. Go!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More than one pic

I typically don't do many scrapbk pages with only one pic on the page. Yes, it spotlights the pic, but to me, it takes too much time and money to do scrapbooking that way. I like things fairly simple too. My to make some scrapbk pages with a computer program I have (or rather collages most of the time) and then to put them on a 12x12 paper and still get to do a little creating there too.

This page, however (which I am not sure I am done with yet), I really liked this quote and wanted to put it on a page with a newborn pic. And the quote just seemed to disappear with more pics, we are. (This is, of course, before I put it on a 12x12. I'll do that sometime next month?)

Your thoughts?