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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Need a brain

I feel like the scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ when it comes to cardmaking now. I need a brain. I started my last and third set of OSW and am in a rut. I was making one card, and just kept adding to it, and then it was too much and it was...well, yech! So, I thought, I'll give it a couple days and I still feel the same way. So...I decided to make a card for a friend I was sending a pkg to today. Well, it turned out OKAY, but nothing to brag about. Actually, I was going to take a pic of it anyway, b/c I like to keep them on file and forgot to take the pic before I sent the card. Oh well. Like I said, it was "just there". Anyway...I have been doing some major deep cleaning in my kids' rooms this week though. At least I am making something look good. :) I'll keep working on some creations and post them when I get them done.

Here is a pic of the DP and colors I am making this last set of OSW with. We'll see if I can make them turn out okay.On another note, I have decided that in Septembert (much to my own dismay) I will not be stamping any cards (unless I need to for a specific occasion). I will, however, be scrapbooking the whole month instead. See...I make cards much more often than I scrapbk. I haven't done any scrapbk pages in about two years and before that, it was another 2-3 years. Scrapbooking takes more thought and energy to me, BUT my poor younger two children don't really have one to look at and always ask if the baby pics of my oldest son are pics of them as a baby. (Oops!) A couple of years ago, I decided it would be neat to give my kids a scrapbk each Christmas as their gift from my husband and I. Well, I started them that year and gave them to them unfinished and unfinished they still sit. I have changed the way I scrapbook over the years (even with the minimal amount I have done) and have simplified greatly and use more of the computer I am trying to do it again this year. So...wish me luck! I'll show you my creations later. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Misty said...

Good for you! I'm hoping the 2 days I have no kids for a couple of hours that I can do some serious scrapbooking. :-) We will least get K's done for christmas!!