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Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh Baby Baby Baby!

This past weekend, I went to two baby showers and needed to make some quick cards the night before. I haven't used this stamp in prob a year?? But I still love it and so I pulled it out and of course I still love the cards. So simple, but sooo cute!

I also set eyelets on either side at the top and tied a string across the stamped image of the clothesline. I couldn't decide if I should put the mini clothespin on the actual clothesline or down where it is pictured...I ended up leaving it down.

I was also going to mount some yellow behind the image, but somehow forgot that when making them. Oh well. Next time...I don't know if I will ever get tired of this stamp. (It's a wheel for those of you who don't know and sooooo very easy to use. then you just color the clothes in.) I used my pastels (chalks) and my blender pen for the coloring. After the showers, I started thinking about the last card I made with this stamp and I think I also put a ribbon bow at the top center, but I didn't have the "Happy New Baby" on it either. I'll have to see if it is too much to add the bow next time as well.



CountessLaurie said...

So cute! I love them! Thanks for sharing!