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Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunbeam Stamps and OSW

Well, I have been working on some new cards with some new stamps I recently got-thanks to Sunbeam Stamps!!! (Thank you! Thank you!) I love their stamps! They are original and stamp very clearly-both the wood mounted ones and the ones that you use with an acrylic block. They have some new releases that should be coming out anyday now. They also have a contest going on that looks like lots of fun!!! If you win, you can get some free stamps from them!! You should check out their website for more details and to see their wonderful stamps!

Laura, at Sunbeam Stamps, asked me to create some One Sheet Wonder (OSW) cards with their stamps and I was happy and excited to do so! I couldn't decide on what DP (designer paper) to use though, so I decided to use three sheets of DP, making three sets of cards. Well, initially this sounded great, but I didn't think about how many cards that would actually make. It really is still great, just taking more time than I had originally planned/thought, since I am making close to 50 cards instead of 14 or so...anyway, I have the first set finished and am working on the next.
Soooo...if you don't know ho
w OSW's work, you choose a 12x12 sheet of Dp and then use colored and/or white cardstock for the actual card itself. You then take the DP and cut it using this diagram, to the left, (or another you may have). You then use those pieces of DP to create your card layouts/sketches. You may also use scraps of other paper and embellishments. (I typically use 3-4 other colors that I work with each set I make from one sheet of DP.)

Here is a pic of the 12x12 sheet of DP I picked and the cardstock colors I also chose and cut to use as cards and as extra color/scraps.

Depending on how I made the card sketches, depended on how many cards I got out of each set. I got between 14-16 from each set though (each 12x12 sheet of DP). Each set I am making, some of the acrd layouts are the same and some are different. Some I copied from ones we previously made at our club night Thanks Sarah!) and some I just came up with.

Well, here they are! Let me know what your favorite one is...I am always curious to know. :)



The Bergquist Fam said...

the 10th one with the temple stamp is my favorite, simple yet elegant. but wow they are all so great! it amazes me to see how much you can do with 1 sheet of dp. good job!