Another cute club card ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another cute club card

Here is another card we did at our club mtg last month. I keep spreading them out to show you. I haven't been able to spend much time on anything lately-even scrapping. I have the last week or so...mowed the lawn (and it's big!) weed-eated, weeded the front flower garden and the back veg garden, hoed the garden up, planted our pumpkin plants that we had growing inside, finished sorting through a mountain of misc toys and junk in the boys' room, did the regular cleaning, dishes and laundry (and am actually caught up on them all, started teaching piano again last week, planted flower seeds with AJ (my daughter), de-junked and sorted through all of my growing piles in the dining room, went to PTO mtg and have been trying to get our room parents for this next year squared away, organized the game closet, fed the missionaries, helped the kids with their homeowrk, etc etc etc...Today I am cleaning out the garage and then on Fri, I am cleaning off the top of my daugher's bunkbed. (It always seems to accumulate stuff, since nobody sleeps up there-so it has dress-up clothes, toys, and all kinds of other stuff up there right now.) I want to finish painting the bathroom next week and the back of the house the week after maybe (that depends on how hot it still is). I also need to be figuring out my kids' costumes for Halloween this year. We know what we are doing, I just need to figure out how I am going to come up with the costumes...Anyway-enough of my jibber jabber. I am hoping to do more with scrapping this next week, since I will have most of this of this stuff done. I'll keep showing you what I have for now though. Have a good day!