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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here's another fun card I made this week for a friend. I love these two stamps together and have been trying to find something to use these cute candy corn buttons on that my mom gave me at least a year ago for fun. For some reason this card took my an awful long time to "get it right". Maybe it's because everything is pretty proportionate and centered. I am not typically like this, but I know the person I made this card for is more like this. Maybe they'll like it better then? I had to add the candy corn though, and for me at least, I like how it adds something not centered exactly. I can't decide if I should color the pic or if it will add too much color and take away from the rest of the card though....????

What are your thoughts?

(It can hold a gift card inside of it and I found the perfect one for it too!) :)