Faux silk ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Faux silk

Here's another card that they made at a club night that I missed-and another new technique. It is a faux silk technique. You actually stamp the images on tissue paper, crinkle the tissue paper all up, open it back up, and then use a glue stick to glue it down to white cardstock.

The second card is one we tried right after the first with some silver tissue paper and with a friend's stamps and supplies. We had limited supplies, but it's always fun to have a challenge and was a good learning experience for our friend too. We even embossed without a heating gun! (used a travel iron!) I am thinking I will still add some accessories to it yet...maybe some silver brads and some other things???


Fisher Crew said...

Robyn, I have never seen someone create things like this before! Your blog is wonderful and makes me feel like I could actually be creative,if I had someone like you around! I don't have a creative cell in my body, but I sure enjoy looking at others' creations!