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Friday, December 5, 2008

From this to That Friday!

Well this is not the FTTT that I have been trying to get done, but is another one fun one to share! :)

From this:To that:
I made this a couple of years ago, so the pic of the branch in the 1st pic is not the exact same one as the branch in the 2nd pic-but it works, you just go get a random one from your yard. I saw this idea at a baby shower with all kinds of baby things hung all over it for decoration. (pacifiers, socks, clippers, etc...) I then made one for the same reason and turned it into a game at the shower as well. It was sitting on a table as guests arrived as a centerpiece and later, I took it away without being noticed and then they had to try and remember all of the baby items that had been hing on it. (Then later, I gave all the items to the guest of honor for her baby.)

Since then, we use it every year during various seasons to hang things from, whether it be snowflakes like this (found at the Dollar Store) or leaves or hearts-whatever!
You just get a branch from outside (spray paint it white), a pot, and some plaster of paris and wala! There you have it! (Mine used to have a few more branches on it, that have broken off here and there over the last couple of years. Oh well. More character to the tree, huh?) :)

I'm off to go to my nephew's baby blessing this weekend, but will have more time next week to share more with you! :)