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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dorothy's shoes

I had the idea of this card before Christmas, but just recently found the time (or TOOK the time) to try and all of my ideas together. It honestly is not "good enough" for me still-not what I envisioned still, think I can get better still...but here it is for now...apparently a work-in-progress. (It's taking me awhile to get back into a groove with stamping. The more often I stamp, the faster and better the cards seem to come, and I haven't stamped in forever!)

I used the pine needles from the Fantastic Foliage set to make the Christmas tree and added some rhinestones for some sparkling Christmas lights. Then I used the shoes from Humor in High Heels for the shoes and some red glitter embossing powder to make them Dorothy's shoes. Originally, I only embossed them (the outside of them). Later I decided to add some glue and more glitter to cover them all.

The sentiment I printed on my computer and kinda did a play on words between the show "Wizard of Oz" and the Christmas song. Get it? ;) I wish they had included a stamp with this set that said "There's no place like home". You could use it as a miss you card that way, also as card to let people know you moved, or as a housewarming card, all kinds of things...

Anyway-it's a work-in-progress like I said...maybe I will have it perfected for next Christmas! Haha!

(Sorry the pic is not that great too-took it at night, when I had to use the is an olive type freen, real red, and so saffron in color.)