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Saturday, January 24, 2009

FTTT Sat!!!

I missed yesterday's FTTT, but had planned to post this. (I am just a little under-the-weather and not working at my normal pace.)

I found this pkg of three frames in Target's Dollar Spot (but it was $2.50...they suck you in there! and then put things in there at a higher price! Darn Dollar Spot!) LOL It was still a good deal. (Even cheaper than the $1 store I figured...) They came in white, black or a natural wood color. (And honestly, I got some of all three colors for different places in my house.) One thing I was unsure of was if they came with a hook in the back to hang them up on...it is always such a pain to have to add those...BUT! They did! In fact, they all came with black ribbon attached to a clippy thing on each side of the frame, so Yeah! :)I recently took a bunch of pics of my daughter (collage of them above) and had so many I liked, I thought this was a perfect and inexpensive way to display them...so I printed them as 4x6's (so cheap!) and got three pkgs of these frames and for under $10 for everthing...wala!

From this:
To that:
Questions for any of you reading this-what do you think about adding some of the rub-ons to the frames? I'm kinda unsure here... 1) of how well it will work-they aren't a flat frame, 2) Do I like it better this way and then if I get them on and don't....?? 3) Color of rub-ons? Black would look sharp, but there really isn't anything else black in her room...I am planning on painting her room soon and decorating it all. I was going to make her a lavender and green bedspread (I bought the fabric 2? years ago) but she is sooo infatuated with pink, I am rethinking that...then I thought pink and green...but now I am thinking pink, yellow and brown? I think I like that last one best, but don't know that she will...

I'm also thinking of blowing one pic up to put a larger one in the center...of course I would have to add a couple more around the outside to make them all go around the larger one...but I think I could find some more poses I liked. ;)

Suggestions/Comments/Ideas on all of the above?

(The pic is them laying on my l.r. floor...I haven't put them up yet-waiting to paint first.)


Stamp With Linz said...

Cute! Didn't see those at my dollar spot! To answer your questions...uhh, I don't know. :) I'm helpful, aint I?