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Monday, February 16, 2009


Okay-I really did do some Valentines projects, but then gave them away before I remembered to take pics of them. Bummer!

I made some cute little post it holders to sit on desks with the clear acrylic frames. I used the stamp "I Stink you're Sweet" (with the skunk) and used the colors: bright pink, black and white and even found a heart shaped post-it notepad to put on it. They really were cute. Then I added an RSVP pen with matching paper inside it. I put them in a heart shaped basket along with a candle and candy and added some fru-fru-ey (sp?) ribbon to the handle and my kids gave them to their teachers for Valentines Day.

I so wish I had pics of them! I also found some apple shaped post-its and thought they would be too cute done the same way with my Teacher-bella stamp on the acrylic frames. I'll have to make one soon and show it to you.

I had planned on making more to go along with the notepad holder, but didn't have the time, so maybe I can work on some more projects this week. But then again, I have 3 other cards/projects I started before the holidays that are still unfinished as well as several ideas I have wanted to make since then as well. I need to find more time!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!


Jeanette said...
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rpp said...

FYI-When I used the term "bummed/bummer" in this post, I meant it as it is defined in a "slang term", as in "disappointed". If anyone took it any other way and was offended by it, I apologize.