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Monday, March 2, 2009

Simply Baby

I LOVE this new set I got from H&M stamps a few weeks ago and have been just waiting to find some time to use it and finally...I found the time!

This is the simplest card, but I love it! I thought about doing some background swirls and they would have been fine, but I decided I like it better simple. I seem to be liking the more simple look lately...a new phase. :) I even decided not to color it-like it this way. This new set reminds me some of those Willowtree figurines that I also love. Maybe it's because there are no facial features?

Love the colors, love the siplicity, love the wide satin ribbon, love love love the stamps!!! Love it all!


Misty said...

i love it, too. Simplicity is the best and this proves it! :-D

Fisher Crew said...

Any chance I could but it off you?

Fisher Crew said...

I meant BUY it off you! Everyone in my ward is procreating these days!