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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purse cards

I thought about waiting to post these next two cards until tomorrow, in case I actually don't GET to stamp tomorrow, but I am too excited to share them with the few of you out there that look at this every now and then! that I am posting them now anyway. :)
I have wanted to make some "purse cards" for quiet awhile. I have seen other stampers make them and then I saw these two purses, one a real one and one a gift card in the store and thought, here's my inspiration, so today my daughter A (who is 3) and I made some. She even made one herself that she loves and carries around. :) (Although she wants them all! And does not want to give any away.) :)

The first one shown here is a denim skirt purse. Too cute! Took awhile to make the pattern, but now I have it for more! :) I also thought it would look cute with rhinestones to give it the look of being "bedazzled", but I went with using the Baroque stamp instead. I added rhinestones then to that at first, but decided I didn't like the rhinestones and brads combined...needs to be one or the other. I DO like the Baroque stamp on it a lot though!

Here's the second one...very different, but cute and much more simple and quick to make. I didn't have any sticky velcro I could find (although I do have some...somewhere!), so I used magnets to close the flap. (My pattern and inspiration are to the left. This one is used to hold a gift card, but I didn't make mine that way-just a "plain ol' card". )


Joyce said...

I love the little purses. Do you have a template I could use, or directions? Thanks!

Susan said...

I love these! Would love to have templates too if you have them an don't mind sharing.