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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sock Bunnies

I decided to be a "good mom" and do something with my kids this weekend rather than stamping for me. :)

They have been asking me for months to help them make a sock bunny like the above pic of a well loved one that I made YEARS ago when I was a kid. It is made out of a pair of knee-highs...kinda like the sock monkeys we started making one for each of my kids on Sunday.
You start out with the pair of socks and turn them where the heels are in the center and facing up.
Then you cut down the middle of ONE sock about an inch and a half-two inches fro the bottom of the heel.
Then you cut the toe off the top of that one...see how it makes the body and legs?

With the other sock, you cut it like the above pic, into 4 pieces that will make the head, ears, and arms. (You throw both of the toes away.)
So in the above and bottom pic here, I have laid them out with the pieces how they will be put together.
My older two want to make theirs themselves, so it is taking longer...esp between school, HW, baseball, etc...but they each have 3 pieces somewhat done...some of the sewing and stuffed.
You have to stitch the length of each arm, ear, leg together, then stuff with batting. Then you have to stitch up each end as well and then stitch all the pieces together. I also added the stitching around the nose in the bottom pic here. My old one used to have it, but it came out sometime ago...

My youngest is 3 and just wants to help here and there, so she helped me finish most of hers up today. Here it is:
I still need to get pom poms, ribbon, felt hear, and stitch the face, but she was soooooo excited to sleep with him tonight! Now she wants a princess dress for it though!!! :), inexpensive and great learning for the kids! Thought I'd share! :)


The Bergquist Fam said...

what a cute idea! i knew i should of bought those knee highs on easter clearance at target. they would have been perfect! oh well, now i know for next time i see cool knee highs on sale!