Cards for G Grammy's 80th Bday ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cards for G Grammy's 80th Bday

We couldn't be there to celebrate with R's Grammy H this week for her 80th bday, so we sent cards. A made one, B colored a pic for her and I pulled out this owl one I made...when? a year ago that I still had-I still like the rhinestones on the owl-hard to see...(since she used to collect owls I hear) and made this other really simple one (that is the worst pic-sorry! the ink showed up weird in this pic-the colors really do match!)
...more to come later this week-working on some things for teachers at the school and another church service auction...

I was also asked about a template or dimensions for the purse cards. I traced every piece when I made them, so I will measure them and scan it in soon.