Mother's Day Cards ~ Create it. Go!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Cards

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Here are a few variations of Mother's Day cards I made this year. I love how just changing the designer paper, gives the cards a whole different feel to them. I used the same stamp (From Sunbeams stamps) b/c I don't have many stamps for mothers day and I like this one anyway-I'd love to find a cute angel stamp to use along with it someday. Any suggestions?

This first one shown below is one I made last year with one sheet wonders. I used that same layout for the next few as well. I like the simplicity and speed of this card. The next two are also from a set of one sheet wonders. I actually started this set last year, but just finished them this week. I'll show you more of this set later. I don't normally like things symmetrical, just ask anyone who knows me!! :) But it fit this time. I actually like all the white and the simplicity of this one. I also like the texture of the "yarn" on the side.This one has pearls randomly on it, instead of the jewels in the above one. (It's kinda hard to see them.)
The next two are the same layout once again, but different DP again. It's interesting the different feel fo them-even with the same DP, but different areas of the paper cut.
I like the cut of paper in the above pic best, but am not sure which ribbon I like best. The pic below is a bit blurry-sorry-there's also a small smudge on the bottom left. Grrrrr...
Back to Mother's Day...I had no idea how many sacrifices mothers make until I was one. I appreciate my mother and all she has done for me and continues to do for me so much and
sincerely hope all you mothers out there truly do have a wonderful Mother's day!