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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ironic, that I made this card at 2 am, after my kids went to sleep, because it's hard to find time to stamp when they are awake...although I still feel guilty half the time that I either clean or do something else that has to be done instead of playing with my kids...my daughter said to me the other day "Mom, I love playing with you, but you can't play, right?" And she said it all smiling, just knowing apparently that I say, "not now" too much it seems...how do you figure out the balancing act? I get frustrated faster if the house is a mess and feel better when it's clean, but then feel bad that I didn't spend time with the kids....anyway-I still think this card could be better, but for doing it at 2 am, and rather quickly in my bed even, not too shabby...going to take the kids swimming now. :)

(The square in the middle is popped up on dimensionals for fun...I think next time, I will make a bigger square...)


Jeanette said...

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait 'til tomorrow for children grow up as I've learned to my sorry. So quiet down cobwebs dust go to sleep I'm tending my kiddos and kiddos can't wait.
Adapted from a poem I heard quoted by Sister Kimball