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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Can you see it?????

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE pic...cute cute card!!!

Sorry about the blurriness. I only took one pic of this one before i gave it away and's blurry, but I wanted to share it anyway, b/c I love these new Keto stamps I got from Bella. Such cute fairies!!!!! Excited to do more.

I'm telling you this pic is absolutely horrific! You can't even see the clear glass beads I glued on her wings that were so cute and the blue rhinestones on her crown (same as the ones in the center of the flowers and in the "o" on the word "you".) The sentiment is from Whiff of Joy stamps...maybe I will have to make another one of these cards, so you can see it better...


SamieVt said...

I can see it :). I think it is absolutely beautiful. So much detail! Great work!