July is not a stamping month in my house ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, July 17, 2009

July is not a stamping month in my house

I have something else to show you, but it isn't papercrafting or stamping of any sort again. (I actually did stamp one card a week or so ago for a bday and forgot to take a pic of it before we gave it away.)

My kids are gearing up for a cousins camp that we are hosting this year and it is themed "Harry Potter" this year, so I have been working on crafts for it (for the kids to make). Last night I made this wand from just paper, glue and paint!!!!! And doesn't it look sooooo cool????!!!! I got the idea from this site here and the wonderful instructions they have on their site. We're also making animals out of pony beads (for the cat, owl, or toad that they can bring). journals, I have broom pens for them, camp t-shirts, possibly pillowcases and will have all kinds of fun!!!!

So, what do you think of the wand?


DeAna said...

Hi Robyn!

The wand looks very realistic. More like wood than paper, that's for sure. I saw your blog address on your FB page.

I have a blog called Balancing Act Basics. I post recipes, menu plans, tips for cheap family fun, gardening, & basically just staying sane. Feel free to take a look. :)



--DeAna Heinrich Boren

DeAna said...

By the way, you're very creative!! I scrapbook and make the occasional card, but the cardmaking doesn't get done as much as the scrapbooking. I've been meaning to put up some posts about scrapbooking on my Balancing Act Basics blog, but keep forgetting. So stumbling across your crafting blog has reminding me to do that! Just will have to make a point to do it tomorrow after I get some shut eye.

Take care!