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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Working on...

Well, it's not stamping this time. I have been working on some crafts that I am preparing for my kids and their cousins to do at their "Cousins Camp" this summer. I have two that I am in charge of and I am doing string art and faux stained glass. This is what we are doing:
Each child will get to make one of each of these (along with other things that others have planned). The stained glass is done on a transparency, although you can do it on glass or plexi-glass or even sheet protectors. (This way they can't break it or get hurt, since ages range from under 3 to teens.) I used liquid lead and glass paint (found at Hobby Lobby). The string art is on a square piece of wood about 8x8?, covered in velvet, then pounded the nails in and added the string.
(I still have not cut and tied the final strings on will look better when I do, but I am still experimenting on how I want to string it on, as well as experimenting with the string. I think I like the crochet thread that is a little thinner for it and will switch it out with that.)