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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Has it really been that long?!!!

I have been busy and gone on vacation for the past two weeks, BUT I actually did stamp along the way. Can you believe it? I had to get some bridal shower invites done, so I took them with me...along with some other thank you projects for people that we stayed with as well. I actually never took pics of the thank you projects. (oops) But, here is the bridal shower invite:

Not the best pic...the flash will not work on my camera...grrrr...that wasn't fun on vacation. Anyway. the ink is in silver, the rhinestones a deep red and it actually has a versamark of the baroque large stamp in the background, but it's hard to see...

I'm hoping to get to stamp more soon and on a more regular basis again, but first we are finishing an additional room in our house this week and next and then I start homeschooling my kids...after that, hopefully I will figure out some kind of new schedule (and feel good enough to stamp).