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Monday, September 14, 2009

Can you believe I stamped???!!!

I can't!!! But it has made me excited and anxious to do more! We added a room onto our house (through the garage) and I have an area out there I get to stamp in-still getting everything from my room to it, but I sat down and stamped last night after the kids went to bed. It took me FOREVER to make the first card-definitely out of practice! The 2nd one came faster, although I like the 1st one better for once. :)
I am not much of a "floral" person, but I love this set for some reason. I got it a few months ago, but haven't had time to even put it together until last night. I think this would be beautiful to make a set of cards for someone with these stamps and colors!
Let me know what you think...and if you ever check this site anymore since I've been inactive for so long! :)



Corinna said...

Beautiful cards, Robyn! You are so talented! I love the colors and the design. ~Cori

heather said...

I have your blog on my reader - so I check it often!! :) I love the cards! And way to go to fit in stamping again! Very impressive!