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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm on a roll! :)
Love both of these from a new set I got. I am really into simplicity right now it seems. On the first one, I kept thinking I needed to tie a ribbon or do something to the ribbon other than leave it straight across and flat, but every time I tried it, I liked it better just the way it was....your thoughts? And the 2nd card, again simple, not many layers...velum on the bottom, but I like it. I like the pheasant...it reminds me of Idaho, where I grew up.

And I am ready for fall!!!! Can you tell? :)


Lucas and Meghan said...

When are you finding time to make all these cute cards? I am not homeschooling and I can't seem to fit in my card making or scrapbooking. I have recently gotten into Stampin up and I recognize the stamps. The cards are awesome!!! Keep on sending me ideas! :)

rpp said...

:)Yep-most of the stamps I use are stampin' up-I do have several others companies though too...I go to a stamp club (thru a friend who is a s.u. demonstrator) once a month where we make things and order a minimum of $15-then one of us is always the hostess-getting the benefits from it too, without having the party. I love it! It keeps me stamping and using my supplies and gives me a night out. Let me know if you ever want to come...she lets anyone come-you just have to pay for the things you make (usually about $% OR put an order in of $15). (It sounds like it, but I really am not selling them. haha) Anyway-fun to know you like them too! :) Tks!

rpp said...

And my secret to finding time the last couple of days is that my stamp desk is now in the school room too, so after I get the kids started on a project or assignment, I sit and stamp a bit, then go back to them and just keep sneaking a bit of time in here and there. The other night I didn't start though until about 10:30 after they were all in bed, and things were picked up around the house...

E. Rose said...

I just stumbled over your website. I was looking through Sugardoodle, and clicked on Sunbeam Stamps, and then found you. Wow! Amazing cards--I just got a new calling in our ward (Simi Valley, CA) Primary Secretary, and was wondering if you have ever thought of selling your cards? I love them, but have not the time/patience/money to begin the hobby of it.
I'll check back for your reply.

rpp said...

Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm flattered...I haven't ever sold them in the past, but would be willing to...the biggest reason I haven't sold them is the time it takes me to make them and then the cost of stamps etc and supplies, makes it where the "norm" (that I know of) that they would go for is prob $3 per card (without envelopes) and I don't know many people that want to pay that or else they would rather just go buy them at that price at Hallmark or someplace else. My sister-in-law has had some orders and sold some at that price a few times a year. Anyway...if you're interested still, let me know...otherwise...I totally understand. :) Either way, thanks again for the compliment! :)