October 2009 ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just for fun: Gingerbread Mummy Cookies

Just thought I would share our fun creations this am...we made these for a Homeschool Halloween party we had this am. :) Happy Halloween!

Loads of Love for Letters of Love

Made this for a family member that we are collecting letters of love to put inside. It was fun to make for her.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween and Fall Inspired Favorites

Well, I have been swamped...with life...and this week is going to be busy busy! I haven't started sewing my kids' Halloween costumes yet for this year and my husband and I told them that we would also dress up with them this year as well, so that means I need five costumes done...and in the next three days!!! (Our church is holding their Trunk or Treat on Wed this week.)

So, that means no stamping pretty much this week.

So I thought I would go through some of the past projects I have done in the fall and around Halloween and post some of my favs.

Hope you enjoy and have a great week!
Two other things I have done, that I have gotten from the Family Fun website, are the Paper bag trees (pic is from their website) which you can find here and "Mr Bones" (a skeleton you can print out and put together) here. (or go to the address below if that link doesn't work for some reason...)

Have a great Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Friday, October 23, 2009

FTTT Friday again!

I have had a hard time waiting until today to share this!! I love the way it turned out. So cute I think!

Again, McDonald's is my inspiration. :)

From this:To:
And again, you could fill it with all kinds of things...I used Apple cider packets for this one (reminds me of fall-I think it would be cute to add a cinnamon stick with it as well), cookies again (standing up), the long pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate, hot chocolate packets with a chocolate spoon sticking up too, biscotto wafer sticks...or and how cute would long peppermint sticks be in it with it done in Christmas colors and stamps??!!! (And you can dip those in chocolate too!!!) I'm excited to do more of these! :)

Hope you liked! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stamped wrapping paper

I didn't have any gift bags for a boy for my 10 yr old son's bday party he was invited to last night...he got his friend some camo binoculars, so we stamped this paper together and I made a small simple card. He was afraid that the paper looked weird, but now he lies it all together. Kinda fun...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

From This to That Friday!!!!!!!!

It has been FOREVER since I have done a FTTT Friday, but I have been excited to do this one ever since I thought of the idea last week (and actually remembered that they existed). LOL

From this:
Like my inspiration? haha
I took the box apart and used it as a template and came up with this:I kept it WAY simple. I didn't even color the image in...I am still torn on that...but liked the simplicity of it this way. Maybe I should stamp another on another sheet of paper and lay it on top to see if I like it colored better or not, but I think I am gun-shy about adding more after my card from two posts ago...

Anyway-it was fun! :) And you could fill it with kisses or cookies or peppermint patties or whatever!!!

Simple clean lines

What a different look from the last "messy" card I feel! I had some scraps left from the card I posted two posts back and had this sentiment stamped from another time and threw this together. Simple and I like the outcome better than the last...


Grrrr...I am trying to get back into the groove of stamping more often, but it's frustrating how long it takes me to come up with a card, and then when it doesn't turn out where I like iti...grrrr

Well, this was one of those cards. I wanted it really simple...almost all white...but it didn't look right, so I added some brown around the edges, then a little more here and there, then by the time the whole thing was put together...I took it apart and added the background canvas stamp-that helped a lot...but it covered up the top left sentiment where it is hard to read now(The rope is hiding it in this pic too; It says "What happens if you forget")...I give up...at least on this one for now...I'll have to start it all over sometime...

I just thought I would post it anyway-sometimes it's nice to know that not everyone comes up with winners all the time and that we all get frustrated. I know that the more often I stamp, the faster and more easy the cards come...it's just findng the time an energy these days.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble. I still like the stamp and the idea of this card. You can't see it, but I even put sparkles on her ballet shoes and ribbons in her pigtails and it adds to it. Here is a pic of how it opens up-fun to do a little different...can you believe it even started out as a square card??? Apparently I was going for a look that a little girl had carried this around for years, draggin it through the mud with her in her adventures. haha Maybe it's not horrible (except for the "hidden"sentiment at the top npw) but it's not the way I wanted it to turn out.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Partridge Family

That's what my husband calls this card. LOL

I love these quail stamps!! I like the pussy willows I added in front and around them, although I liked the image I stamped better before I added the cut green grass in front, but then it was glued on...this card is a little too cutesy for me I think, but still I like the colors...maybe I'll try again...