A Thankful Turkey ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Thankful Turkey

I sent this to a friend for an idea to make with her kids and thought I would post it on here as well. I made it a few years ago-five maybe? and we use it every year to write what we are thankful for as a family (on the feathers). I laminated it, so that we can write with dry erase markers and erase them each year as well. Anyway-just thought someone might want to make one as well, so I will also include the pattern I made up for it with dimensions. (It really does come with two legs...one of ours just seems to have walked off right now. :) My daughter says he is "boinking" like his and shows us as she hops around the house on one foot.) :) (another note: Last year I made it for a family of ours that we know here and did the feathers on patterned paper and it turned out soooo cute!)

I've also used it for children's games where they pull off a feather OR put on a feather one at a time that has a song on it or something to do on each feather.

Anyway...hope you can use the idea sometime. Happy Thanksgiving!