More Christmas/Holiday cards ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, December 14, 2009

More Christmas/Holiday cards

You get some bonus cards to see courtesy of our stamp night. We made four cards, or rather there were four to make. I only got three done and had to go-it was getting too late and I needed to get home and get my kids in bed. This was my favorite of the bunch and the fastest and easiest too! It is made with a used dryer sheet glued with spray adhesive over the stamped image and then a bit of glitter over that. SO easy and so pretty! Who comes up with these ideas?!! I love them and am anxious to try this with other cards.

(You can see the glitter and the dryer sheet much better when you click on the pic to enlarge it.)


Misty said...

LOVE this one! I have enjoyed all of your Christmas cards. :-) NOW I need to make ours to send out...since I've made 30 for a friend...