On the 6th Day of Christmas Cards... ~ Create it. Go!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

On the 6th Day of Christmas Cards...

I enjoyed doing the cracked glass technique on this card. I haven't done it since a stamp club mtg over a year ago I think. And my 10 year old son was quite intrigued by it as I did it as well. He commented that no two cards would be alike with this technique.

A funny side note: This card is humorous to me b/c of course it is a snow globe, but cracked. This cracked glass is most likely how a snow globe would end up in my house too. :) (I do have one that has survived the past few years...we'll see for how much longer...they are just too tempting to little hands.) :)

Favorites yet? My favorite is still to come...have a great day!