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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Project Display

I told you I would post some of my recent projects that I have been working on-mainly for Christmas presents. Well, here they are!

The first is a Family Home Evening Kit I mentioned. Actually I made three of them. (all pictured) They all have the same thing inside of them...items to pull out to help trigger a lesson idea, such as: a rock, angel, fish, dime, white piece of cloth, etc. Then there is also a "book" that lists each item and what you can do a

lesson on with it (ex: rock: Brother of Jared (Ether Ch 2 & 3), Easter (The Tomb) (Mark 15 & 16 Crucifiction and Resurrection), Samuel the Lamanite (Helaman Ch 15 and 16), David and Goliath (Samuel). I tried to include scripture references as well, to make the Family Home Evening lessons easier to do last minute even. You can use this kit a few ways-you can have each perosn pick something out and have them come up with a story that goes along with it, you can pick one thing out and do 1 lesson from it, or you can even have your child (or anyone) pick something out ahead of time to prepare a lesson on. Anyway, I think they turned out fun and hopefully useful! :) You can make them out of almost anything-even a Swiss Miss container like I did the one above. :)(If anyone wants my list of items and lessons that are in the kits, leave me a comment and email and I will send them to you.)

And the next item/project is a mirror I etched the glass and painted the frame for my parents and for my husband's for Christmas. I love it!