January 2010 ~ Create it. Go!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stinkin' Sweet

I saw this cute little candy cover/bag thing on Splitcoast last night and then realized it was Beate's and saw she had even made a tutorial for it. (She calls it a "treat bag cover" and you can see her tutorial here.) Today I wanted to stamp I decided, rather than clean :)...so I looked it over and then went to work/play.

I actually just made up my own dimensions, since my bags were a little different size than hers. I think my bags were 3x4-they are just from Hobby Lobby. But the end result is too cute and it was soooo fast and easy! Great for any little treats-or you could even make a larger one and put a large cookie in it too.

I finished it in the evening, so no natural light, but you can still see it all.

Side view:

And here is the little bag before I put it in.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Love Love it!

This was another project from our last stamp night that I love!!!!!!! (We actually did another two cards, which I took pics of, but are too blurry for some weird reason and I have already used them both to send to someone. Oh well.)

It is a tin DVD case turned into a photo album. Great huh?

The sleeves are actually see-through envelopes and they work great! I accidentally put some tacky tape on the navy blue mounted-but you can put a photo right over it now OR journal there about the pics or write a note to someone if you give it away full of pics.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love these little calendars!

We made a calendar similar to this one two yrs ago at our stamp club and I was excited to do it again, and it has magnets on the back and can hang right by my stamp desk! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Totally Teal

I have to laugh at me posting this card. My least favorite color (to be mild) in the whole world is teal! We made this one at stamp night and even my friend/demonstrator said "I'll cut you one in another color Robyn" as soon as I saw it. She knows. :) But if I HAVE to use teal, this is pretty good-maybe b/c the white downplays it-the monochromatic...anyway-it is a pretty design, and I made it anyway. No biggee... :)

Several more posts are on their way...

Once again

...my standard baby cards...it is so hard to try and stamp after I haven't in so long and I needed some quick ones. (You've prob seen these before on here-or similar ones I mean, but I just love these stamps and the simplicity and speed of the design!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No way!

I canNOT believe it has been that long since I posted...on the other hand, maybe I can. One of my kids came down sick the week before Christmas and literally ever since then, one of us in the family has been sick-even today! When will it ever end? If it ever does, I might be able to get back to stamping...someday...and hopefully before this baby I am expecting comes (7 weeks!). Keep your fingers crossed! :)