May 2010 ~ Create it. Go!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweet Treats

I made these a couple years ago and did the orange and chocolate ones. Thought I would try some new flavors this time for our club swap last night.

I don't have a "real" citrus stamp. Just used my flower from my Shapes and Shadows set and punched it inside the petal, so it looked like a citrus. My 10 yr old thought this was "really smart!" haha

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cardboard Tube Art

How cool is this???!!!

I found it here:
where they have all kinds of other fun ideas to do with kids.

I want to try it out! I could even adapt it (possibly) to cards!

Kaleidoscope Card

I realized that I had never posted this card from our last club night and I loved it! It is such a fun card! I just should have put my wheel that you turn (look on the right) out a bit further. It's kinda hard to get a hold of it to turn the way it is.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Been working...

I started a kinda online boutique blog and website and it is taking me awhile to get it going (as well as selling them locally here and there). Here is a link to my new blog for it, although I have yet to upload everything and will be updating it more soon. Anyway-that means stamping has taken a momentary backseat. Soon, I'll have more time for stamping again though...I hope. ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love sprinkles!

Well, I love this stamp at least! Made a card with this stamp and this sentiment awhile back and tried another. I always love the way it turns out! :)

For my daughter

I was trying to stmap the other day and my daughter was begging me to make her a card, so I grabbed some scraps I had in front of me and threw this together for her. She is so cute! She loved it!!! Carried it around. Took it in the car with us somewhere that night...and lost it. LOL

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pretty Peacocks

Love this little box/basket we made at club. I need to still take some pics of the cute little cards and envelopes that are inside it. I really like these colors together too. Thanks S!

I've also decided I really like peacocks!!! :)

Pretty simple

Here's a pretty, simple Mother's Day card we made at club night. We also made it in burnt orange, and although I am not a fan of burnt orange (or the team that wears burnt orange [huh hmmmmm]), it actually looked okay that way too; sharper than the light color on this card too. I also would not have thought I would like the design on this wheel, but I really did. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Card Club Swaps

Here are some other cards/projects that others made to swap at club last week-or the week before?

Love the colors in this one...I could decorate my bedroom with these colors...unfortunately rust is leaving. :(

Love how she used the branch in the scallop from the bird punch with this one...think I want this punch...

And what a cute little bag design-she even came up with the idea of the design herself! :)